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The Company
Qur name D’QwayZay derives from the westernmost community of San Juan (pronounced sah-wah) that sprawls along the length of the Eastern Main Road on the island of Trinidad W.I. The town’s focal point is the “croisee” (pronounced kwaysay). A bustling junction marked by the Scotia bank clock tower, which was named when French Creole was the main local vernacular. “Croisee” translates as “crossroads”. The croisee, after dark, is the scene of lively organized pandemonium. Doubles vendors line the streets and provide party-goers with sustenance, while groups of limers compete for space to lime.

The Brand
QZRadioHD® has officially become the face of D’QwayZay LLC®. Since the inception of® in 2010, QZ Radio was originally established to provide Soca music exclusively for the listening pleasure of visitors. To stay competitive with the growing online competition, the parent company D’QwayZay LLC®, decided to change the focus of the site’s broadcast. With the growing popularity of the daily rotation of the Soca and Pop mainstream genre, it became clear for D’QwayZay to let QZ Radio become the face of D’QwayZay LLC®. Comprised of two daily formats, (midnight-noon EST for 100% Soca & noon-midnight EST for a rotation of LIVE DJs) and an all day Sunday Retro blend of Soca & Soul®. QZRadioHD® has an international cast of DJs. It boastfully casts DJs playing from four of the six continents in the world. As we strive to familiarize the world with Soca and the growing spinoff Island Pop we are taking SOCA to the Future. socaMusic ALLday.. ALLnite..

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socaMusic ALLday.. ALLnite..

Come tuh stay we nah come tuh play,

Pass yuh pass, leh me break away

On de road since de break ah day..

Fayann Lyons – Gimme That 2014

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We ready, We ready, We ready, We ready,

Look how the sun now raising up,

And the crowd now waking up,

The atmosphere have vybz,

And nuttin’ cyah break it up..

Bunji Garlin – Differentology 2013


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QZ TV Channel

If yuh cyah wait till yuh reach
De Savannah,

Dat is, de definition of a

When yuh foot dem hurtin
but you Doh cater,

Dat is, de definition of a

Kess The Band – True Masquerader 2014

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No matter where Is carnival,

I must be there, drums in my hand

And I wining and wining

And I cant stop..

Destra Garcia – Road Call Meh 2013

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Gyal how yuh bad

How yuh rude

Ah wanna take ah little

piece of that,

Jus geh meh permission tuh

wuk yuh..

Kerwin Du Bois – Too Real 2014

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socaMusc ALLday.. ALLnite..
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Hmmm, am lookin forward to Carnival dis year,

Like jumpin on de stage with meh favorite

band of de year..

Swappi 4D – Last Forever 2014